Sanfurs Himalayans And Persians 

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Sanfurs Queens are a important part of the family.There health and happiness is the most important to me. I only breed  queens  one or two times a year to insure healthy moms and babies!

Pawznthesand  Diamond in ruff (Lovebug)



Pawznthesand patches of sanfurs

   patches is a calico smoke cpc  and is the full sister to lovebug and litter mate to smokey! She growing out of a lion cut in this pic.

Sanfurs Isabell

Isabell is a Tortie bicolor smoke himalayan she is a spunky little thing!!

Sanfurs laces of Lilac "Lila"
 Lila is a beautiful Lilac and cream persian Cpc Cant wait to see kittens this beautiful girl will have this summer!!

Sanfurs Purr D Cute  (BJ)

B.J  is one of the Sweetest cats I have she loves everyone!!

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